Day 3 Kintbury to Marlborough Via Great Bedwyn

Today the sun was up early again and was full blast. We had a plan to get to Marlborough but as its about 7 miles north of the canal it would involve a bus ride. (It’s interesting to note that the river Kennet passes through Marlborough but the canal heads south out of Hungerford). Also we hadn’t booked accommodation for this part of the walk, because we were not sure how far we would get on the first two days and didn’t want to book a place we couldn’t get to. The plan for today was to walk as far along the canal as we felt comfortable with, considering the heat and the surface of the path and then stop at a pub and see where we could get to. Either by taxi or bus. The walk although along the canal is more or less flat we still were rising through to the high point of the canal. It’s not a lot of climbing but it does make a difference over the days and at the end of the day we should be up on the plateau.

Here are some photos we took along the way.


So we made it as far as great Bedwyn where we stopped for some refreshments at the Three Tuns pub. They didn’t have rooms so we called a few guest houses in the local area that were all fully booked. After a chat with the very friendly barman, we were informed that we could catch a number 22 bus to Marlborough, which stopped outside the pub. But if we wanted to make sure the bus stopped for us, its was best to walk about 300m down the hill to the train station as it had been know to bypass the pub sometimes. A quick check on AirB&B and we were booked into a nice room in Marlborough. We had about a 10min wait for the bus which duly arrived on time and also stopped for us. as you can see from the photo it was £4.60 so I guess we saved about £15 on the taxis fare.


Also tonight was the world cup semi final where England were playing Croatia. So we need to check out which pub to watch the football in. I like to have the atmosphere of a group but try to avoid the more aggressive supporters. If possible, well after a good start it’s best not to reflect on the match. Still the Euros are in a couple of years!! Other than the post match curry that brings an end to day 3.

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