Day 16 – La Vuelta – There is a sleeping Elephant

I have been trying to get a photo of the elephant, but the weather is preventing it. Here is the best I have managed so far.

So I have stolen one of the internet

His eye is a great big cave and you can see his ear and start of his trunk. Although I think it looks a bit like the Alien Pilot in the Alien movies.

All this walfel could lead you to think that there has not been a lot of cycling going on. Well your kind of right. Although I have ridden every day since we reached the villa. Here is yesterdays ride

We have covered 170km since we arrived.

Last time I stayed here the weather was far too hot and several of our rides were interrupted with beer stops to cool down. This week the rain god has returned and it has rained every day so far, although there have been gaps that have enabled us to ride.

Still waiting for today’s gap in the weather. On the Rob McKenna rain scale we have had

  • Type 11: breezy droplets
  • Type 17: dirty blatter (McKenna’s least favourite type)
  • Type 33: light pricking drizzle which made the roads slippery

Today looks like,

  • Types 192 to 213: seastorm types as the clouds seem to be coming of the sea.

Also Carol has taken to counting the empty wine and beer bottles, in an attempt to shame us into drinking less in the evenings. I have found a good place to hide at least 50% of them before we take them to the bottle bank.

Here ends todays blog, or more accurately yesterdays blog.

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Old Bloke that doesn't know when to stop
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