Day 17 – La Vuelta – A rest day, almost

The weather forecast apps the group have been using have proven, not to be up to the job. Yesterdays agreed forecast from three different apps was for sun in the morning and rain in the late afternoon. As I lay in bed at 9:30. I could hear the rain hitting the roof with much gusto. A re-plan was required as we were going to ride in the morning and relax in the afternoon. We waited for the rain to stop and then headed for the beach and a swim.

Caroline tracked her swim and turns out it was about 800m. This was followed by a small brunch and a shortish ride back to the villa. I managed to snap a better photo of the Elephant and we spotted a whale on the way home.

We also stopped at one of the beach bars along the sea front to take in the sights and sample some local beer.

Here are a few photos of the ride

All of this lead to an early start on the beers and a meal back down on the front in Pizza Pepe. Followed by a retail opportunity.

Earlier in the day Jeeves was checking out one of the many statues on the front. I’m not sure if he was impressed with his size or not.

Here ends another day on our Spanish adventure.

About fred1960

Old Bloke that doesn't know when to stop
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