Day 19 – La Vuelta – Fun Sun & a late Lunch & Mont Ventoux

Today was a recovery day, yet again Bettie and I were the last up and after a lazy breakfast of Fruit, Muesli and Greek Yogurt. A plan was made a short ride of about 40km, one big climb over to Dènia taking in the light-house view, back over Xàbia, and a nice lunch stop at Ca Nano. It has great views over the sea. This was followed be a pootle back to the Villa to start the eating and drinking again. I could get into this kind of cycle touring. Here is the view I have while writing this post

Here are some of the photos we took on the ride and at lunch.

Here is today’s wine which scores 8.5 a score which was elevated by Jeeves who gave it a 9 but I knocked it back a bit due to the €12 price tag ;-).

Also a report came in today, from Provence. A friend to Bettie and I. (Phil “Rock God” Alexander), now Phil or “RG” as he is known to Bettie and her band. Has a proven track record on a squash court, playing at a high level, but I’ve only seen him on a bike once and that was a clappered out mountain bike. Earlier in the year Phil asked if he could ride with us because he was in serious training for a planned accent of the Provance giant “Mont Ventoux” well Phil didn’t make any of the training rides. Claiming that he was too busy with work. So I was surprised to find a photo in whatsapp of him at the summit.

Well done RG, you old bugger. And one last photo

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2 Responses to Day 19 – La Vuelta – Fun Sun & a late Lunch & Mont Ventoux

  1. Ian Silvester says:

    when we were there at Christmas the wind was howling and the waves were crashing in

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