Day 21 – La Vuelta – La Vuelta – A Rest Day at last

Yes today was a proper rest day, we returned the bikes to Xèbia Bikes. They are a biggish bikeshop and have three stores in the local area. The only problem I can see it that they are close on Saturday afternoons and all day on Sundays, which means it hard to get a full weeks rental. After that is was breakfast/lunch by the sea followed a slow afternoon watching La Vuelta on TV. This was only the third stage I had seen and it was good to see Yates seal his victory. This was followed by a nap and then to a very Nice restaurant in Xàbia, it is called Mezquida and the taxi driver on the one home told us they it is one of the best in Xàbia. A family run restaurant where the mother has been cooking in the kitchen for years. Anyway it is one of Jeeves Dad’s favourites and I can recommend, although not on the cheap side.

Bettie and I have made a plan for tomorrow. The group are going home and we will cycle down the Alicante via Benidom. Making sure we give Benidom a wide birth, it just about the right distance from here to split the cycling to Alicante. I said it was a rest day and I didn’t even take a photo but I did have a look at the BTS Strava page and look what I saw on the leaderboard for this week.

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