Day 34 – La Vuelta – Monti Blanco Nimbo Cumulos also the river Ebro

Yes from the Fast Show it is a special investigaly, Nimbo Cumulos seen on Monti Blanca

Now back to today’s ride it was a short leg only 45km but we have booked into a guesthouse for the night. The campsites were few and none took our fancy. So we are at the following guesthouse.

All very nice and a great location by the lake. Here are a few photos from our ride.

all the way on our trip we have had very courteous drivers and they give you loads of room. Only on a very few occasions have we felt squeezed by the close pass. Perhaps it has something to do with these sign that are all over Spain

You can see from this screenshot that we are right by the start of the Ebro river

You may remember back at almost the start of our trip we rode across the Ebro Delta, where most of the Pella rice is grown. Google tells me it is 583km away. I’m not sure how it has taken us nearly 2000km to get from there to here.

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