Day 35 – La Vuelta – Now that’s my kind of ride

Here is the profile from today’s ride

Yes 60km almost all down hill. I must say we have earned this with the last 500km or so of climbing or riding at 900m across the dry dusty plains. Today was probably the best ride we have had on the whole trip so far. Also we are withing touching distance of Santander and a relaxing week by the sea. We started from the guesthouse this morning, which overlooked a glorious lake. Followed by a bridge crossing and some serious steep uphill section, but they were only short.

It’s is easy to forget that you are in mountain country but they remind you with the snow markers at the side of the road

We both agreed that this was the best road we have been on all holiday, “we didn’t know was what was to come” so we stopped for a selfie

A few cattle grids and some worrying cows later.

We found ourselves back on the N611 and getting ready for 900m of descent. Following the road towards Santander. It was spectacular and not only because it went generally down hill. We stopped for coffee in a small town and a local farmer marched his herd through the town.

Back on the road and through a glorious gorge.

We have finally camped in the hills above Santander and will push on to our beach holiday in the morning. What a great day.

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