Day 36 – La Vuelta – Some Buggers left the light on and won’t stop singing about it!!!

And now we have arrived at Santander, well just outside of Santander actually. We have found a nice campsite with a pool “that is still open” it has two restaurants just up the road and a great little beach which is about 500m away but down a flight if steep steps. We have met many travellers on our trip and exchanged stories, experiences and advice. Today we met Ross a cyclist from Jersey. He has traveled down thorough France to the Med turned around and headed over the Pyrenees into Spain and is now getting a ferry to Portsmouth before turning around and getting the ferry to Jersey. Apparently it’s is the easiest way home. We also talked about warmshowers. This is an organisation that is dedicated to helping travelling cyclist to get a bed and a warmshowers for the night. They are world wide and we have actually hosted a couple of times back at home. Here is a link to the website.

Now for some photos.

Our first view of the Atlantic, the Bay of Biscay is just over our heads, also the N611 road sign we started riding on this road at 0km, so on and off we have just out covered 200km on this road. Here is the beach

And last night’s wine was great 8.2 at €11.

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