Day 37 – La Veulta – Europe won the Ryder Cup, will they let the UK play next time?

Bettie and I had a nice pootle into Santander for lunch and a quick bout of site seeing. We also checked out the port for next week’s ferry crossing. The weather for the first time was on the cool side and stayed below 20c for the first time on this years trip. The beaches and views around Santander are great and here are a few photos

We just had a day chilling. The pool in the campsite is still open so I went for a swim. After 10 lengths I was knackered. I was thinking that it must be a 30m pool!! But after walking bit out it was only 25m so turns out my swimming is down to 250m before I’m knackered:-(. Must try harder tomorrow. Hoping by the end of the week I can get up to 1000m. I might also get some running shoes “not”.

We also meet Ross a cycling tourists from Jerseys. Here is a photo of him and his rig.

Just a short post for today.

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