Day 39 – La Veulta – On the buses returns for a 2018 rerun.

Yes we have been on the bus today. Santander has a visitors bus that you can hop on and off at any of the 10 stops. It also has a running commentary so you can discover the delights of Santander. First of all we have a walk up to the lighthouse. Which we later discovered via the bus trip. That it was the site of one of the earliest lookout points in Spain.

Apparently on a clear day you can see 5o miles from this spot.

We had to wait quite a while for the bus, I guess because it’s low season they only run a few. But we got a tour and then went back to the town and to visit the places we liked the look of. This looks like a load of old cannon balls to me.

The wind today was from the East and had a cold edge to it. So if you kept out of the wind it felt like 25c but if you were in the wind it was more like 15c. Not a lot else to report other than Santander is busy town with lots of traffic and high rised apartments. Although it does have some quite backs streets

with nice bars and restaurants. And great views over the sea.

We had menu of the day “Menú del día” which consists of: lentil soup, fried potatoes and vegetables plus coffee for Bettie and Pasta Neapolitana, battered Sardines, and rice pudding for me, plus a bottle of wine, all for €35. Great, Nice👌.

Shopping and the beach tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Day 39 – La Veulta – On the buses returns for a 2018 rerun.

  1. nancy says:

    Old people always tell you what they’ve had to eat 😂

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