Day 41 – La Veulta – One of my Golfing hero’s, A plate of Winkles plus Mum and Dad

Today I had a plan to ride around the bay at Santander and visit the birth place of Severiano Ballesteros, Pedreña. “Seve” as he was know by the world. He was one of the games most flamboyant golfers.

Once in a while he would crash balls off the tea all over the golf course and them magically recover, with his second shot going close to the flag or green, and then hole the put or chip in. I remember watching him beat Nice Price in the British Open, one of the best two round of golf I can remember, also his first win in the Masters. Great memories from my youth, many of them spent with my Dad watching the telly on Sunday afternoon. Dad was a very good golfer and many years later we had a great day at Royal St George’s golf club, watching the Open Golf Championship. It was just after Seve had died, the R&A had big pictures of Seve all over the entrance to the course. Great memories of both Dad and Seve. (I’ll add a photo of Dad playing golf when we get home)

Now onto the ride Google told me it was a flatish ride around the bay. Turns out you have to avoid the Docks and Seve Ballesteros Airport. So a bit of motorway and a few climbs, plus an extra 12km of riding we are Pedreña, not a golf course on sight and not even a memorial to Seve:-(

We stop in a bar over looking the Sea and find that the Tapas is a plate of Winkles

Now I hate Winkles with a passion, but my Mum used to spend hour digging the little buggers out and then eating them on slabs of white sliced bread and butter. Strange to be reminded of both Mum and Dad on the same day. You don’t think of them for months at a time and then they pop into your mind, good memories of both of them.

Anyway we took some photos from Santander side of the bay

And the ferry ride back across the bay was worth the hassle of the main roads around the docks and Airport Detour.

And to finish the day off I decided that I would have a swim in a small bay close to the campsite.

The little boy is looking at me and thinking you loser, and I hang my head in shame 😁

I have to admit it was about 10m as the water was bloody freezing. But a great view from the bar Bettie had the good sense to sit in.

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  1. nancy says:

    ❤️this. 😘

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