Day 42 – La Veulta – rain and sickness

Today both Bettie and I have been feeling ill, headaches and pain, hopefully it is 24 hour flu. I also have been having a problem with my inner ear. If I turn over or stand up to quickly I get very dizzy and feel sick. Also in other good news a storm has rolled in off the bay of Biscay, 40 to 50km/h winds and rain. We took to the tent at about 3pm and stayed there. I spent the night shivering and sweating and Bettie seems to have spent her time booking us into a hotel for our last day in Spain. The good news is that the campsite is sheltered by walls and tall trees, “although it did feel like they might fall over at any moment”, the tent stayed dry if not quite cosy. So tomorrow it’s pack-up time and head to the hotel. I didn’t take any photos so here are a collection of some of my favourites from the trip.


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