That was 2018 – A round up of the year part 1

Now that we have changed our lifestyle, with a higher focus on enjouying life, It not only seems but actually is that our years are getting busier as we get older. This retirement lark gives where you have loads of time to yourself and find it hard to fill the days seems to have past me bye.

In January I found myself in Chamonix for long weekend with Alexander and a few of his friends for a ski touring training session. (Training they said)


Next up house hunting in Devon. In February, since retirement Bettie and I have been looking at places we might like to live. So far we have been unsuccessful, we have a couple of favourites but can’t agree, so the hunt goes on. This weekend we went to Totnes, because it has a lot of ethical shops and bars etc. We also went for a walk and train ride along the coast.


March saw Bettie and I going back to the Alps, we had booked apartment in the centre of Chamonix for a month, we wanted to experience more than a couple weeks in the Alps in winter. We had great plans about trying new winter sports, but spent most of our time enjoying the mountains and town. A couple of friends joined us for a week, which involved much fun and alcohol, also talking over old times, we have been holidaying with Ray and Jackie for the last 29 years.



towards the end of our time in Chamonix we were joined by Alexander for a few days and then Bettie’s skiing adventure was up. She was to fly home to meet Alex (her Dad), and to prepare for a weeks cycling in Italy. Alexander and I stayed on in Chamonix to prepare for our failed attempt to accend Mount Blanc. We did get some ski touring in.

April – A quick turnaround for me. Time to leave the winter behind and get on my bike. Alexander and I drove home from Chamonix on Thursday. I then packed three bikes and cycling kit into bike boxes/bags on Friday. Bettie her Dad and I then flew to Italy on Saturday. This was for a week of cycling in Riccione, staying in hotel Dory again. Before this my hair needed to be sorted, I needed to go from winter to summer Fred.

Another great week, it’s hard to work out how you can cycle about 400 miles in a week and still put weight on, that is until you see the buffet meals they serve three times a day.

May – was a quite month, we did drop Bettie’s Dad of in Portsmouth, he had booked on another epic cycle trip, this time he would cycle down through Europe from the English Channel to the Mediterranean. It was part of his preparations for the Lands End to John O’groats world record attempt. If you want to read more about it follow this link. It also meant that we had a nice weekend in Portsmouth, if that’s not an oxymoron.

June – A split month for us. Bettie had planned to spend some time with her sister. They had a rough plan to visit some old hauntso from thier childhood and have a tour of the Islands. (Add some photos from Bettie’s trip here). I on the other hand had been convinced by Stef a friend from Belgium, that it would be a good idea to enter the Milan-SanRemo cycle sportive. This had been a long ambition of mine. It is the first of the Spring Monuments (Cyclings equivalents of the Grand slam of Tennis and Majors in golf). They consist of one day races. Four in spring, Milan Sanremo, Paris Roubux, The Tour of Flanders, Lieage Bastone Lieage, and in Autumn The tour of Lombardier. They are considered the hard man races of cycling. They are monuments because they are all over 27km with Milan-SanRemo being the longest at 300km which on the day we road it turned out to be 295km or 192 miles.

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