58 and never been to a festival!!

Well it’s about bloody time I went to one. Now this isn’t Glastonbury we are talking about here. It’s the Quirky Campervan festival. Although they have got 15 different bands playing over three days, the festival is more learning about campervan converting with workshops on electrical installation, van maintenance, and insulation etc. It is also a deisel free site with all its electricity coming from solar energy:-) also compostable toilets:-(. No worries we have a toilet in the van, just not sure if the cartridge is big enough for 3 days. I guess we will find out soon. It’s also small, family and dog friendly (not always a good thing). A nice start to festival life especially now we have the van we intend to go to lots of festivals.Arrival day – it rained most of the day and was quite cold. We managed to get settled in had some food and beer plus watch a few of the bands, before we retired to the van.Day two – the weather was much nicer, toured the stalls and went to three/four workshops. Beer/food/Van and then bed.Tomorrow we will catch up on the workshops we missed and probably leave early, or we might stay to see the headline band “Cut Capers”.Just a few photos.

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