It hoilday time, yippee “part two”

Today/tonight we are wild camping in a National Trust carpark just outside falmouth, on a headland with stunning views to the South over the sea and behind us is a view of farmland. It seems strange to me that at this time of year that the sun sets in the North West so last night the Sun set behind us. This was a revelation that either Darran or Simon enlightened me of, on one of our recent coffee stops on the club ride. I have spent all my life thinking that the sun rose in the East and set in the West. I had just not thought about it and as a general principle it’s almost correct. Anyway here are a couple of photos of tonight’s campsite one looking South’ish and the other looking North West, I’ll leave you to workout which is which.

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I’m getting ahead of myself here, last time I posted we were in Bude with Alexander & Beth in Bude. Drinking fizzy wine for Bettie’s 60th birthday. We had a great evening with great company. After Beth & Alex left we were on our own to explore the the coast. We are still looking for somewhere that we think we could live full time. Last year we visited Padstow and we’re intrigued by the town across the bay which is called Rock so we stopped off, on our way to Porth, to investigate, down a long narrow road with lots of traffic is Rock the town, more importantly the house prices were out of our league. Although it does have some nice shops and restaurants. So we stopped in the carpark and saved a fortune by making our own lunch and tea. “Bloody Cheapskates” anyway it couldn’t have been that nice because we didn’t take any photos. Onwards further West and just short of Newquay we arrived at Porth a small bay with a pub and a campsite.

We walked from here to Watergate Bay not a bad walk but it felt more built up and crowded after the walks in Bude. Watergate Bay was lovely with one of the few Jamie Oliver restaurants to survive the recent administration. The walk turned out to be about 15km in total and we were knacked at the end of the day and just about managed to drink a bottle of wine and a few beers.

Next stop and next post “Perranporth” I promise.

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