It hoilday time, yippee “part three”

We made it to Perranporth, one of my favourite places in Cornwall. It was nice of the Childers to come to Bude for Bettie’s Birthday. But we have moved on and on our way to Perranporth and after a couple of nights at Porth, we are now camped on a site above Perranporth. It has some great views across the golf course and sand dunes to the sea.

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The site is called Tollgate Farm. It’s very quite and avoids the busy town just down the hill. We have been here for three days, the weather has just been getting better and the sun is out. We have been on some great costal walks, Holywell and back was a bit far, so yesterday we took the bus to St Agnes and walked back. I still haven’t managed to swim yet and the golf clubs have stayed in the van.

From here we will head over to Perransands. There is a campsite there that I used to go with my parent’s camping, I would have been about 8 my brother was nine and sister 4, with our youngest sister yet to be borne. I have good memories from these holidays and both Mum and Dad liked it there. So I will check out if it is an appropriate place to spread there ashes. There is a great cliff top walk from Perransands to Mavagise so they would have enjoyed the view. Anyway its better than my sisters waldrobe.

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