We seemed to have jumped a holiday

Yes as I write this update we are in France again. This time in Provance in a small village at the foot of Mount Ventoux, “The Giant of Provance”.

The holiday we skipped was in France in our camper van which was a tour of France from the North West coast down and across the Central Massive and to the alps. We meet Beth and Alexander there to ride our bikes and watch the Tour du France pass by on the Galibier. One of the toughest stages on this year’s tour. After that we were going to watch the stage in Bougfourte, unfoutunatly it was one of the stages effected by bad weather and they rerouted to miss the village. Here are some photos from the holiday.

Also here are a few photos from this trip

We have had a few ride so far but the wind has been to strong to attempt Mont Ventoux, its called Ventoux for a reason. Yesterday’s ride was stinker. Rain had been forecast and we sat about for most of the day. It seemed to have stopped so Lynda, Simon and I hatched a plan for a shortish ride. Well four punctures later and two hour riding in pissing rain with 800m of climbing and decending, cold and wet we arrived back at the gite agreeing that it was a bad idea. More news and stories to come in my next post.

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