Day two of our Wales trip

We haven’t made it to Wales yet!

Last night we camped in a public carpark in Ironbridge, it was free and that’s the right price as far as I’m concerned.

It’s a short walk to town and looked quiet, but, due to a late night visit of youths with cars and loud hi-fi system, not so quiet but it didn’t last long. The van was warm and cosy and we didn’t have to put the heating on even though it was about 8C. Now we are off to get some breakfast and watch the rugby 🏉.

Well the cafe/bar that advertised they were showing the game is closed so we have gone to a cafe called Darby’s. It says it opens in 1779 and still has some of the policy’s from then. They won’t take cards unless you spend £15 and the veggie option is the standard breakfast without the sausage or bacon. When asked it they had veggie sausages I got a look that suggested I came from another planet. A 2012 survey by the Food Standards Agency reports that 2% of the population identified themselves as vegetarians. More recent surveys indicate that it could be as high as 20%, although the vegetarian society reject this figure and maintains that is still probably only 2% due to poorly defined definition of vegetarianism and small survey sizes. Anyway to set out a menu that doesn’t include a portion of the population in this day and age is not a great thing. Having said all that when my food came it was quite nice.

Bloody hell it’s not even 10am yet and I’m having a rant. Get a grip Booker.

Bye for now.

And I’m back, we have now made it to Wales and have parked up just outside Caernarfon. After a quick walk around the Castle and town we are now in the Black Boy Inn to sample a beer or two before retiring to the van for dinner. Here is where we are parked for the night, (free again).

And this is our lunch stop.

That’s it for today.

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