Day three of our Wales trip

Last night we parked up just around the corner from the Castle which was lit up but for a change it was with red lights, like the Red Dragon of Wales.

they are not great photos but you get the impression.

It rain overnight and early this morning so we stayed in the van to listen to the rugby commentary. The less said about the rugby the better, but to say we were better in the van than in a pub full of Welsh South African supporters. The sun came out so we went for a walk along the bay.

Before heading over to Portmadog. We’re I am now sitting in the Australia pub, they brew there own beers and it is very nice also two beers were only £7, last night it was £10.40. Tonight’s campsite is right on Black Rock beach. Should be great views in the morning.

Bye for now.

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2 Responses to Day three of our Wales trip

  1. Jeeves says:

    Looks great – agree with you about the rugby – I’m in Spain and some locals asked me about it – why should they care (and the fact tht they spoke English makes me think they were undercover South Africans) – but maybe they were just being friendly- I wasn’t in the mood!
    Enjoy the trip – see you on a ride soon …

    • fred1960 says:

      Should be next weekend looking at the Bts schedule. That’s if we are back home by then. Hope you are having better weather than we are. On the rugby front you should try being in Wales.

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