Day 6 of our Wales trip

Today we are heading away from the coast and up into the mountains of mid Wales. But first a trip to Aberystwyth, to see if it was as I remembered it from 30 years ago. Apart from being a whole lot bigger the least said about it the better. From here we headed to Devils Bridge, this is the other end of the train line that runs between Aberystwyth and Devils Bridge. It is a tourist steam train line that is closed at this time of year. We stopped for coffee at the Hafog hotel and café to plan our next move.

Also they charge to see the falls at Devils Bridge, it’s just a turnstile and walking track and it cost £2 each. As we are a couple of tightfisted old gits, we spurned the falls and headed for the hills. There are many waterfalls and they are all free to look at although we haven’t got any photos to prove it. We headed for a roadside parking place at the head of the Elan Valley.

No phone signal no lights just sheep and cows and some majestic views.

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