Day 7 of our Wales trip

Today we were awaken by the locals. They were all around the van makeing a racket, one of them was even rubbing himself on our bike rack. Bloody cheek.

Well Bettie has a few words to say:

I have really enjoyed our trip in Wales so far. I love the scenery, the quiet remoteness (especially when we had no phone signal last night! )and the freindly people always willing to chat & help wherever we go. It reminds me of Scotland alot.

I shouldn’t be but I am surprised how many people of all ages and backgrounds are speaking Welsh as their first language, slipping comfortably to English if needs be.

The wildlife and respect to the environment is easy to see and we as campervanners have been welcomed out of season when the tourist hoards are not braving the weather and changes in temperature.

We have alot of places to go still around UK but I’m sure we will be back again. I’m looking forward to the next few days in Pembrokeshire heading around the coast to Cardiff.

Over and Out Toot Toot!! X

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Old Bloke that doesn't know when to stop
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