Day 8 of our Wales trip

Last night we parked up in a Carpark in New Quay. £8 for the night, the place looked deserted and I’m not sure if anybody would check if we’d paid or not, but we paid anyway. The bay is lovely and the town is surrounded by Caravan Parks (all closed). We went to one of the local pubs and were the only ones there for a couple of hours, when a few locals turned up for a birthday meal. Talking to the barman he told us that the town is really quiet this the of year with just him and the chef working. In the summer they have three bar staff, three waiting tables and three chefs. I guess most seaside towns in the UK are the same at this time of year.

After a quiet night we went for a walk along the bay is was very quite and rugged. Here are a few photos

While walking along the beach we spotted some sea scum

washing up. I have often seen this but didn’t know what caused it. So I thought I would check Wikipedia and it turns out it is mainly caused by organic matter braking down which give the foam/bubbles and more solid form and prevents them bursting or braking down. This is usually caused by the breakup of Algee blooms, but can also be caused by high volumes of compounds derived from petroleum production and transport, synthetic surfactants, and pesticide use can enter the sea surface and be incorporated into foam. The pollutants present can also affect the persistence of the foam produced. Crude oil discharged from tankers, motor oil, sewage, and detergents from polluted runoff can create longer-lasting foams. These can exagurated by high rainfall and runoff from farmland etc. So the short answer is I am better informed but still don’t know if it is a natural formation or caused from pollution.

Still it was a nice walk and now we have driven to Tenby and are planning on parking just outside of the town in a quite road overlooking the sea. We will let you know how we get on tomorrow.

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