A little bit about us

Hi, just a little bit about us. I’m John (aka Fred) and have been married and with Beth (aka Betty) for over twenty years

We have a son Alexander (aka Alex) “edit” and now a daughter-in-law as Alex and Beth are now married😁🍻👏💍, We like to play Squash, Golf, Ski, Compete in Triathlons, Drink Beer & Eat Curry.

Alexander, is currently flying planes for British Airways out of Heathrow. He lives with Beth (another one).

PS this what we look like

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7 Responses to A little bit about us

  1. Nancy Thorpe says:

    Great page bruv and great result today. Love your blog! Love you. N xx

  2. Pottsie says:

    Great blog mate, keep up the good work.

  3. Nancy Thorpe says:

    Hey Fred – you’ve been busy – like the new wheels – very modern day Gene Hunt! Anyhow – put up some pic’s from our house on Father’s Day – would be great to see. N xx

  4. Betty Booker says:

    Lovely looking couple but this needs updating now ! x

  5. Betty Booker says:

    nice one Fred x

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