Tour France 2017 Photo page

We are just going to post photos of our trip on this page if you want to read the news and gossip visit our home page on this bloglink here


Thurs 14th Sept

Weds 13th Sept
Tues 12 Sept
Monday 11th Sept

Sunday 10th Sept

Saturday 9th Sept

Friday 8th

Weds 6th Sept

Tues 5th Sept

Monday 4th Sept

Sunday 3rd Sept

Sat 2nd Sept

Friday 1st Sept


Thursday 31st

Wednesday 30th

How’s that for a haircut?

Tuesday 29th



































Monday 28th

Sunday 27th

Saturday 26th

Friday 25th

Thurs the 24th

Weds the 23rd

Tues  the 22nd


Monday the 21st


Sunday the 20th


Saturday the 19th

Friday the 18th

Thursday 17th

On route to Thouars

Inside the Chapel Puy-Notra-Dame

The camp site at Thouars

View from the gardens above the campsite.

A walk around Thouars.

I think Bettie has this covered from both angles.

Weds  the 16th

































































What day is it? I think it’s Tues 15th, but I could be wrong.

Apparently it’s Monday the 14th

Sunday the 12th

Saturday the 11th

Some of Bettie’s Photos

Friday 11th


Weds 9th Aug

Tues 8th Aug

Bettie loves a fountain. This one had Apples floating in the top tier.

Monday 7th August – Well we have finally left home plan was to leave at 9am but we made it out of the house by 10am which is good for Bettie and I. last week we planned to take a couple of days to get to Portsmouth, so a couple of 60km rides. After looking for a couple of hours on the internet we couldn’t find a decent campsite on the way so we just cracked on and did it in one ride. Which I must say had a lot more hills than I remember. Bettie did great and we are now on the Ferry after a shower and some food heading France.

4th Aug – Fail number two. I ordered a new Garmin for Betty to take to France. After waiting 4 days with no response other than an order confirmation. I rang Cotswolds they told me it could be up to 10 days for delivery. Looks like I’ll be going down to Evans to pick one up today:-(.

This Summer Bettie & Fred will set off for France, with nothing but our bikes and some camping gear. Our aim is to cycle around France until we get fed up or Bettie has to go back to work. Our route will take us to Portsmouth and then over to Caen. We will head due south and pick up the west coast of France at La Rochelle. From here there are a couple of options either follow the cost to Biarritz or head inland and cycle the Lot valley. Then head back to Biarritz and San Sebastian in Spain. Where we plan to stop for a bit of a break before heading along the Pyrennes (maybe). This is another check point where we will, depending on time, either head to Mont Ventoux and onto the Gorges Du Verdon.

Ok we are already a week late. I had set a date of the 1st of August to leave home. Which meant it would be a busy run up to the trip as our Boy had finally after 12 years had proposed to Beth and there wedding was the week before we were due to leave. The wedding was great and we had a lovely three day stay in Devon. Unfortunately when we returned I’ve got a serious case of man flu, so we have delayed by a week.

But in the mean time here is a picture of the happy couple.