These photos, say more than words, why Betty and I live the way we do


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Tour of Flanders

This year big challanges will include:

1 Tour of Flanders 150 + miles with cobbles (April)
2 Etap mountain stage of b the Tour de France (July)
3 long weekend ride to France Ride to Portsmouth, Ferry to Caen, ride to Calais, ferry to Dover, ride home. (Aug)
4 cycling with Betty and Alex (Dad) war graves trip. 10 days 80km a day. (May/April)

Can’t wait for it all to start.

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Winter 100mile ride

The guys from the Tri club have been talking about getting a 100 miler in. So I went and planned it. I managed to get 4 others to join me and yesterday we road to Maidstone in Kent. Took in a few of the Surrey hills and a lot of rolling hills in Kent. The ride took longer than anticipated do the last hour was in the dark. But we all made it safe and sound. The trains back worked perfect and we only had to wait a few minutes at each station.

Route details on Stava only a couple of short off road section.

Check out my 180.2 km Ride on Strava:


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Roubaix Weekend

Guy, Simon and I all survived the Roubaix sportive and weekend although the same could not be said for my cycle helmet. Below is the story of the weekend:

When Betty and I were in Italy cycling I received an e-mail from Guy Middleton. Guy was plaining to ride the Paris Roubaix sportive with Simon Lythgoe and another friend Glyne. Unfortunately for Glyne he could make the weekend so I step in and took his place. 🙂

The weekend was great but I wouldn’t recommend staying in Roubaix as there were only two restaurants open and not many staff so you can guess what the service was like. Having said that the Pizzeria we ate in was great and the food and wine first class.

We had entred the 141km version of the sportive as this cut out the 5:00am coach tranfere to the start of the sportive. We had a rolling start from 8:00am leaving from the roubaix velodrome. The ride rode the last 18 section of cobbles so we only missed the first 10. We had a great ride and covered the 143km in just over 5 hours moving time which included one food stop, One puncture and one crash

Here are some photos from the weekend

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and an edit of the video I took with the GoPro which was clamped to my stem.

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Hell of the North “Paris Roubaix”

I have just had a look and noticed that i haven’t posted for a while. Well my next challenge is to ride the cobbles of Paris Roubaix. Next weekend I will be heading to France with Simon and Guy for a weekend of beer and cycling. Friday night will see us in Roubaix for a few pre ride beers. Saturday we will ride the 141km sportive over most of the cobbles that the Spring Classic Paris Roubaix race run over. If we survive we will have a few more beers and Sunday get to watch the race.

Paris Roubaix

Earlier this year I had a weekend in Gent to watch the six days of Gent. This is raced over six nights in the velodrome. Racing starts a about 7pm and goes onto 2am. Its a lot of drinking time and the crowed make a lot of noise. We meet a couple of friends from Belgium and rode the cobbled climbs of Flanders. Great weekend but I did get a ticket for speeding (in the car not the bike).

Also Betty and I have just come back from Italy where we spent a week cycling out of hotel Dory. This was about my sixth visit and it is always a great pre season training week.




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How far have you been this year?

This is a question I was asked on today’s bike ride. I’m not sure but I’ll have a look when I get home. I record almost all of my bike rides on Strava and it gives a yearly total. I checked and it’s 7885.8 km. I typed this into Google to find out how many miles this was and was somewhat surprised to find out that it was the distance from London Heathrow to Vancouver. Having spent over nine hour on a flight to there some years ago. This seemed like a bloody long way! and it was. It has taken me to France, Italy, Belgium and even Northern England, I didn’t manage to get to Scotland this year but I’m sure I will next as Beth’s brother and sister live there and Jeeves has a plan for the over night train and a long weekend cycling.

Highlights of the year were cycling to Darlington on my own over two days, Cycling in the Vogues mountains with Betty, a stage of the tour du France Arris to Reims and reminding myself about the great wars and the war cemeteries, ride to Oxford, Bath, Southampton and the New Forest. Also a great week in the Cotswolds with my sister and her family, riding with Oliver ad Jason “Nephew and brother in law” and Betty and Alex was one of the best.

Enough of this now and I’m already looking forward to doing it all again next year. Thanks to great friends and family and not forgetting a very understanding and caring wife, “Betty”.

Distance from London to Vancover

PS 7885 km is 4900 miles 🙂

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Skiing booked :o) Val d’Isere here we come

Betty has just booked our ski trip for this year, back to Val d’Isere and this year Alexander is coming with us. We are both really looking forward to spending some time with Alexander and being able to ski with him again. There have been some big changes since we last skied as a family, It was in Val Thorens. Alexander and I skied into a half pipe which was closed I didn’t notice that they hadn’t finished rounding out the half pipe skied up one side and then crashed into the dead drop. Manage to bugger my shoulder could lift my arm above chest hight for about 6 weeks. The next day we dropped Alexander at Geneva airport as he was flying to Canada for a 8 week ski instructors course. After this he was flying off to New Zealand to start his pilot training. Six years seem to have flown by and Alex is now living in Surbiton and flying for Monarch Airlines and we haven’t been able to spend much quality time with him.

Well now we will be able to show him the Espace Killy and get to know the Man our little boy has become.

Bring it on.

PS just because he passed the ski instructors course doesn’t mean he will be able to keep up with me;-)

Here is the link to the photos we Betty took

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